Air Conditioner Contractors Serving South Louisiana Since 1951

The air conditioner contractors at Union Service and Maintenance Company are proud to be the region’s leaders in HVAC design, installation and maintenance. We use the latest technology to help your HVAC and ventilation systems maintain comfortable climate levels while saving energy. Each one of our clients has a unique HVAC mission. And, all our customers share the same confidence in USM’s ability to deliver the highest quality product and the friendliest service.


Union Service Air Conditioner Contractors

An air conditioner contractor is more than a helpful extra pair of hands. Our years of training and experience enable us to immediately diagnose any issues and custom-build you the perfect HVAC system. After we assess your building, we will make the right recommendations that will transform the climate in your business. Because your comfort is our number one goal, we will use all of our tools to give you the best HVAC experience possible.


Since 1951, our clients have trusted our Air Conditioner contractors to install and maintain the highest-grade industrial HVAC systems. The experts at USM stick to three goals: quality, safety and trust. The quality of our products is the best in the industry and the safety of our staff and clients is our first priority. Finally, the trust between you and us is what drives us to work harder and do better. Our belief in these goals is the base of our success and our long-term client relationships. Union Service and Maintenance– A name you can trust for your most challenging HVAC project.

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